the dispute

the dispute

the dispute by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi the dispute

Of a dream that he saw in it a man fall ill, extractor grief. [See Algajh, and see hostility. Dream Interpretation in Islam


shows his death.
It felt that he had married a woman dead and saw it live, the neighborhood dies.
is of the opinion that the deceased gave him the shirt worn or dirty Vivtqr.
is of the opinion that the dead beat alive, the neighborhood has the latest havoc in his religion.
It felt dead beat him receive it better than travel.
It felt dead asleep, the sleep comfort in the Hereafter. But felt alive slept with dead, the old long.
It felt alive among the dead, it travels travel away, and spoil his religion, but felt that with the dead is alive, it mixes with some people in their religion corruption.
It felt dead from the infidels and it clothes old is the poor condition in the afterlife .
It felt dead, told him that he is never dead it is in the denominator of the martyrs is Ihno in the Hereafter.
It felt that his mother dies goes this world and spoil the case.
It felt that his brother had died, and was sick he is of his death.
It felt that his wife die Vteixd industry in which the living .
It is believed that praying to the dead man, it shall be accompanied by a corrupt religion.
It is believed that the dead drowning in a sea of drowning it in sins.
It is believed that the dead came out of their graves it is released from prison.
and possibly sudden death is indicated on the speed of the rich to the poor. And the death of the prophets in a dream double in religion and their lives otherwise.
and perhaps Del dying world on the backs of heresy in religion, and the death of parents living narrow, and the death of the wife was going low, and the death of the boy said interruption. And the prayer for the dead of the dead void. Polytheists and see the dead in a dream enemies.


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