the dispute

the dispute

the dispute by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi the dispute

Hgerth show in a dream a man loves his family, without the benefit of it to them, and contrary to the tenth, and draw close to those desires.

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of the dispute

Of the view that conflict with one in command of the worldly matters it Mojtahd in the request for his living, though it is the middle does not get him what he meant by that demand something, although not Vdd, and said to the conflict to the order of things hereafter, the middle of them redressed as saw that two types are different.

It felt: that no one contests the victory of God in it to win the verse, “God Inasrn of victory.” And was told the man saw that it was disputed it fall ill, very tired let stand for it.

It felt: it is undisputed man in their father to them it shows that the trial is better for him to Sharia law and ordered him back to the book and the Sunnah of the verse, “if you differ in anything amongst yourselves, refer it to Allaah and the Messenger.” It was competing with women and young boys are not Bmahmodh. And was told the boy saw that it was undisputed and nail it, it would be as well.

It felt: that it is undisputed Sultan for severe calamity, and perhaps perish or hits his neck, and he said some of the poets:

It disputed the Sultan in his palace … it becomes to lift the head from his body

Speculative vision

Has been made a party to speak out as required by the case in that in the chapter on vision conditions be human is awake, said speculation its rule on its own because it may be the tongue or have already, or both, or fight and can not be called speculative tongue, the word fight, it is felt that striking man punk him and thrown him he gains the Alambga Balbaghi ​​unless in order to effect apparent also provided.

It felt: that one hitter and started by saying it is obscene oppress in order.

It felt: that the group Atdarbon whether by words or actions on the order they are worldly in losing shown, but they strive for in the Hereafter is unknown.

He met Almabron that often knock the loser often only be conflicting range of worldly matters and a range of matters of the Hereafter it is interpreted as progress in the dispute. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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