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If the cheese in the sense that courage is evidence of self-control rights in his earnings, or standing at the do’s and don’ts in the war. If the cheese is taken from the milk in a dream Fraath evidence of the marriage contract for the single, and the child of the holder, and money winner and long life. And see the cheese of the warrior and Almkhasam conquer him, and cheese for Almlacah. The work of milk Kalmrkd it shows on the pond and livelihood. And cheese with the convenience of money. The cheese is better than the wet ground. And it was said that the cheese dry travel. And it was said that the cheese powder from a single money.
It felt like eating bread with cheese Ptguetar it live. And it was said of eating bread and cheese with walnuts bug suddenly afflicted. And cheese money without fatigue.Each block of cheese or one hundred thousand Dirhams AED as much as if his vision.The cheese may have been indicative of the humiliation and wretchedness. Cheese and everything in the book of livelihood, and soft cheese livelihood in urban areas.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Cheese: In a dream, cheese represents a marriage contract if one is unmarried, a child to a pregnant woman or prosperity and longevity. If an opponent sees cheese in his dream, it means cowardice and disdain to face his adversary. It is also said that cheese suggests a period of humiliation or misery. If a pregnant woman sees any by-product of milk in her dream, it suggests the nearing


delivery of her child. Yogurt in a dream represents blessings in one’s earnings, though it also indicates that a portion of one’s earnings may include forbidden interest made from usury. Cheese in a dream also represents easy profits. However, soft cheese in a dream seems to have a more beneficial interpretation than hardened cheese. Such profits entail current financial success. Hardened cheese in a dream however may mean a journey. Eating bread with cheese in a dream represents miserliness. Mixing bread, cheese and walnuts in a dream means becoming afflicted with a sudden illness. Dry cheese for a traveller means profits while green cheese means profits for a resident.

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of cheese

They draw on:

Accrue money and living as much as what he saw and Treha best, and was told cheese dry little money in travel and soft from a lot of money in urban areas.

It felt: he eats cheese with bread, it gets a little money in the hardship of travel, and perhaps indicated by the bug which caused then discharged quickly. It was of the opinion that eating soft cheese, it affects the profit of trade, and perhaps profit from something Astojbh before.

And the vision of money with cheese and well-being and comfort of soft money to the present owner of the vision and the richness of the cheese people Oasis Badra and money.

It felt: he eats cheese and bread with nuts and hit by the bug.

But it is construed Aloqz money Aziz delicious.

The Alaqralnsh is commendable, and was praying for patience construed acidity, and was told is the capital of Nam plus alternate acting a little of it a lot and get it after the code and fatigue. Dream Interpretation in Islam


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