the clouds

the clouds

the clouds by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi the clouds

Shows in a dream to Islam, which by the lives and survival. Which is why the mercy of God to carry water with which the life of creation.
and perhaps Del clouds on science and jurisprudence, and the wisdom and the statement for the kindness of wisdom.
and perhaps indicated by the Asaker to get water, indicative of the character who was created from the water.
and perhaps indicated by the ships under way in the water in the non-land .
and perhaps indicated by pregnant women.
and perhaps indicates that rain is caused because of it. Though black clouds with lightning or if the symptoms indicated by the Sultan and his punishment and his orders.
and saw a cloud in his home that was a kaafir becomes Muslim, or received the blessing that was locked, loaded his wife, or if it is to do so. The passengers saw himself above the clouds he married a woman is valid if single, or pilgrimage that was hoped that, otherwise known to science and wisdom was that student. The next series saw the clouds clear, and people are waiting for waters that made ​​sense what people expect and wait for him. If a person sees that the clouds had fallen in the land they Seoul and rain or by or cat or bird, though the evidence of worry and hated Calcmom a strong wind, fire and stone, snakes and scorpions, they raid come upon them, or locusts, or an epidemic hurt Nbathm, or doctrines and heresies spread between backs. It was a great king of the clouds or Shafeek Sultan Rahim or a scholar or sage. You eat the clouds, it will benefit from a man with money or the wisdom of old.Behind the cloud rises and rises in his wisdom. The view that this world of clouds, the grandfather and his quest of wisdom. Although the black cloud it with wisdom and chivalry Sadd and pleasure. Albeit with clouds Hall formidable than it receives a wise man is strong. But felt that he built a house on the clouds, it receives low dishonest with the wisdom and the elevation. But felt that his hand in the Clouds, rain rain it receives from the wisdom and being wise on his tongue. But felt a cloud rose gold Vomatart therefore a wise man learns from literature of this world. And the clouds if it is not the rain, was among those who attributed to the state it and the does not do justice does not amend, if attributed to trade, it does not meet the sell, but if he knew he spare his knowledge, but an architect he mastered the industry and is recommended, and the people they need. Sultans of them and the clouds of bounty to mankind.
is of the opinion that came down from the sky clouds rain down the rain-year-old Imam sent to that place just a prince, was the black clouds rain down the governor be fair, though white clouds, rain down, it just automatically be blessed. It was said that if the cloud was seen in his time it receives good and blessing, grace and money, saw the rain clouds in his time, Allah Almighty expands living in that town, were in the drought, it expands on them and drive them out of it. Saw the black clouds of rain, it is obtaining a benefit, and evidence may have been too cold or grief. Saw the red clouds in the time-hit people of that town distress or affliction or disease. And if he sees a cloud rose from earth to heaven it shows the good and blessings, was the seer wants to travel that has been. The dark clouds saw them and got mine and Anglguet him all his affairs. And the clouds white vision in a working directory. And the clouds that sees the human as if rising from the earth to the sky indicates the travel. Is indicated by one who was traveling on his return from his trip, and demonstrates the emergence of hidden objects. The red clouds indicate unemployment. The dark clouds indicates cloud. And cumulonimbus shows pretty cold or grief.
and perhaps Del clouds Red Soldiers enter the country and spoke intrigue.
It felt that it took something from the clouds, it affects the wise something great or a lot of tillage and agriculture.
and saw that it was behind the clouds, or walked upon it aware of all wisdom.
and saw the clouds had covered the sun, the King gets sick or invincible or isolated from his power. Ja’far al-Sadiq said may Allah be pleased with him the view from the clouds of his shirt was included in the grace of God. And the clouds indicates the disappearance of bile and worry and fear and to show dignity and that this showing of the parents at the rain, perhaps Dell clouds on the familiarity of the verse {Seest thou not that God Extends the Clouds, and then compose himself} .

meanings by Al ahsaai

 See the clouds

Of the opinion that he took something from the clouds, it affects the wisdom or a lot of crops and loss, and saw that it was riding on the clouds, it is aware of wisdom are all married or riding a ship that the hope of traveling and saw a piece of cloud on his head gets his greatness on the of, and saw a cloud received him, it security and justice and the gospel and the comfort of each cloud is not eligible for that it is a punishment and torment down by and saw that the clouds fell to the ground, it Seoul or the destruction of the town and saw a cloud in which Ghias to the world, that mercy is received from that is something that it receives from the rain and compassion as much as it Perhaps Del clouds if a black on is hated or viewer of the Sultan, the was with the clouds thunder or lightning is the most immediate vision for its ratification is of the opinion that in light of the clouds found in that year with good grace and is of the opinion that the clouds cover all of the world did not come down when rain is not Mahmoud is of the opinion The clouds covered the sun, the king dies or invincible or isolated disease or hunger or evacuation down to them and if he considers that he came down to him especially, it hit and harm inflicts It felt as if the rain come down and not as a rain if he loved it Salah al-though he hated it the scourge and sedition, the rain honey or to Us or so it is good and righteousness and the spoil, good faith and that it rained dust or sand is Salah unless it often though it rained Zpapa or scorpions or snakes or so it is not good in public and private, a torment that affects the people of that place and saw that it was showered with rain and ablution it by Salah in his religion and worldly affairs, and saw that it was drinking water from the rain hit the net was good though Kadra disease as far as drinking and that he saw the patient got cured frequent drizzling rain but felt very frequent Kadra perished in the disease Dream Interpretation in Islam

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