Crow by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Crow

Is a great man in a dream, a huge patient, or admire himself skimpy. It became a raven won the money is haraam. And ominous crow.
It felt crows caused it receives a boy evildoer, and Ibn Sirin Almighty God’s mercy but mine Igtm severe then released. The Crow shows parting loved ones and alienation.
It felt that eat the flesh of crow taking money from thieves.
and saw a raven scratch it perish in the cold, and bestowed pain. The pleasure I received the crows. The crows indicates the length of life and to the longevity of the crow.
It felt crow fell to the Kaaba it immoral man marry an honest woman.
It felt that he was born to him crow Iblq is apple of his eye.
It felt Gharbana in his home received the money and attributed to another age. The crow man warrior treacherous, and perhaps indicates that care in retirement.
and perhaps indicated by the crypts in the ground and bury the dead, he says {He sent God crows looking at the ground to show him how concealed the bad brother} , and perhaps indicates the crow on the alienation and pessimism news and worries and Aloncad. The crows shows the man mixed with good and evil. Crow and punk man a liar.
and saw a raven at his home in that place, the man is an evildoer.
It felt raven piebald, he felt something surprised him awake.
and saw a raven in a position where a person dies Ghraib. [See Magpie].

meanings by Al ahsaai


It felt that it hit a crow and held him with his hand it is the ego of his and void, which requested and saw a raven in the house or the locality of the in that place a human being an evildoer, and saw the raven is located between his hands he fall ill delight even saw him looking in the ground it is the death of near and was of the view raven Looking at the ground between his hands, it does nothing regret it or shows it is may be confused Dream Interpretation in Islam

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