Tailsan by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Tailsan:

In a dream is the life of chivalry and Izz, mandate and craft of travel and a brother and a son. It is felt that it wore Talsana lead armies, although not eligible for the President, it becomes his household and is in their interests. It was: Tailsan travel on land, and disarmament Talsanh still merit.
It felt Talsanh violate or dripping Matt has a brother or a son. And Tailsan office or Talsan. And it was said that the craft of good saves Tailsan owner worry and grief.Tailsan and eliminate debt.

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision Tailsan

The Tailsan For ways:

Indicate much vision and wealth and honor and chivalry and sidekick and son, honesty and religion and money by Tailsan and value.

It felt: that Talsanh burned or cut off or lost anything from him it shows his son to go or it is difficult or shows a lack of sanctity and his money.

It felt: that none of his servants robbed Talsanh and piece it shows a man dear catastrophe because of it.

The Lixin saw what was in Talsanh and corruption of the people of the Secretariat and the lack of Faúl flaw in religion.

It felt: that it burned Talsanh calamity befalls him because of his friends.

It felt: that Talsanh stole it fall ill, very g and lacks and needs to the people.

The vision Tailsan construed if a new child with white.

Though Fidel green on the world of religion.

Though red Fidel-loving music and ten.

Though yellow Fidel Born Mamrad.

The seer was black and it gets him a world Born to be a judge or a preacher.

Tailsan and indicates the state for those who have and be eligible unless there is his family.

It felt: that Talsanh disarm it and go invincible merit.

It felt: that he was not wearing Talsana Welcome to him, it affects people in a valid name and ordered him to meet and reunited with and receive good. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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