synagogues: by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi synagogues:

In a dream is a good sign for those who were its dirty. And vacuuming the house other than earned his money. And synagogues for the rich in poverty and a lack of money.

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of synagogues

The synagogues Fidel decrease wealth and weakness of living.

The vacuum indicative of what was the server from Zain or it is interpreted by Shin.

It felt: that his sweeping Fidel decrease his money.

It felt: that sweep the place and had the patient it indicates his death.

It felt: that sweep a place for worship for He is good.

It felt: that place and sweep it combines Knasth construed clean and raise money.

The sweeping vision of the mosque indicative of God’s love for saying peace be upon him: If you love God, make it a slave server mosque.

Vision of fear

The fear for safety, it says, “but after their fear of Abdlnhm safer.”

And Ibn Sirin: a vision of fear indicate victory for saying peace be upon him: Nusrat terrified, and said to fear indicates the commission of Mathm and the acquisition of grievances of those who do not there have piety and was told I like the vision of fear in a dream, I tried it several times and did not see consequences but good security and safety and the nail and the attainment of purposes and fear the victory escape from the unjust people of the verse, “which came out scared watching said my Lord, save me from the unjust people” and quoted on the safety stepper Similarly among people afraid of him.

Vision of the wheel

The wheel is not Bmahmodh it of the evils of Satan, it saw that it was urgent, it is expected Zlla. It was of the view that the urgent matter of religion is Mahmoud, although the opposite is worldly only be because of marriage.

Ibn Sirin said: Wheel regret.

The deliberate Vtobeirh in all cases against the wheel of the above mentioned. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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