Stocking by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Stocking:

Money is in a dream and prevention, unless worn. It is believed that wearing socks have saved his money, the mother had migrated out. If the smell of the sock is a good new owner is paying the Zakat and protect his property, and have praise him well.Albeit outdated, it holds the Zakat and charity not performed, and supervised his money on destruction, the smell was unpleasant was praising ugly. Stocking and cross to the server and women and current.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Stocking: (Sock) In a dream, stockings represent wealth and prevention, as long as they are not worn. Once seen worn in a dream, they mean business losses. If one’s mother is alive, it means that he will migrate with her to another country, or it could mean that she will be deprived of her son. If the socks are new and have a clean smell in the dream, it means that one regularly pays his due alms, that he is praised for his character and that his money will grow in a lawful way. If his socks are old or emit bad odors in the dream, it means that he withholds paying the obligatory alms tax, that he is uncharitable, worthy of


meanings by Al ahsaai

See the sock and stocking

As for the sock, it is believed that wearing slippers and not for those who wear it in real life it is fear and they fall ill, or imprisoned, or have the two women were said was in the cloud it is security, which fear was probably the sock committee of hardship and may have been traveling in the sea is of the opinion that one of the hidden extracted and burned it goes half his wealth if he went Khvah together all his money went but felt that he wears his socks, the socks to protect the new sock was true, it is paying Zakat and do good with his money even if it holds obsolete intermittent Zakat is of the opinion that it enters the mold it in camel marry Dream Interpretation in Islam

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