sheep: by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi sheep:

In a dream is a rich honest woman of dignity. It is eating the flesh of sheep inherited the woman, and saw the sheep entered his home ground won in that year. Fertile and pregnant sheep and money Ertjy. It has become Najtah a ram, his wife is not never afford. And if the sheep came out of his house, or lost or stolen it is his wife die. The sheep saw in his home, they fertilized years. But felt that the sheep Qatlth Tmkr by his wife. Neil and the birth of the sheep fertility and prosperity. Black sheep and an Arab woman, and the sheep were foreign white woman. Ewes and women Salhat.
and perhaps see them shown on the worries and Aloncad, and the loss of husbands, and the demise of the post. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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