sputum by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi sputum:

In a dream is the sum of money does not grow. And if he sees that he threw Bulgma won the vulva and labrum, though he was sick and felt like a hawk, it is spent in the intensity of the expense, even if the science is scarce. And that came out of his mouth long hair or thread of his life. It was said that water came out of the mouth of a man is preaching the world benefit from it or advisory opinion of the people, even if a merchant was a sincere speech.

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of sputum

As for spitting ill Fidel cause harm.

It felt: that he spits it on Fidel speak with may not be religiously and saw where he spits his words Faúl important to the people of that place, good or bad.

It felt: he spits on the ground, it indicates that the collection of feudalism and the loss.

It felt: he spits on the trees, it shows his veto, and may be located in a lie, and was spitting hot shows longevity, and the opposite is cold and spitting black cloud and yellow sputum disease in the body.

It felt: that Besagah dry mouth it shows his poverty is such a common saying in the right of Bela-rich saliva, a wet and in the right of poor saliva Nashef.

The saliva Fidel sweetness pronunciation, it is considered that the saliva many indicated that he was tortured logic and people love the word.

It felt: that the saliva that Nashef Vdd.

It felt: that the means of saliva did not reach his clothes it shows that he benefit from the knowledge of speaking in public.

It felt: that no one spits on his face, it challenges the people of his home.

It felt: that the blood, saliva returned, it indicates that he speaks with the knowledge void.

It felt: that he spit blood, mixed it indicates to eat and no man’s land lying and breaking the Covenant.

Gargle vision

The gurgling, they indicate death and fear, it is believed that the ring gargling Faúl this, and perhaps indicates the gurgling ablutions and washing. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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