spring: by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi spring:

Is in a dream of grace and good pool and the attainment of security.
It felt springs exploded in a house hit by a disaster.
It felt at home that exploded from spring Finale of living and the good and benefit, the blew spring from the wall it is they fall ill from a man in that house like a brother or smelting. But hates what pangs of eyes was not one hundred.
It felt that exploded in the spring bought the house servant. The ablution of water eye and was worried Farajallah it, or scared or sick healed, or Medina spent his religion, or was of the sins of Kfarha with him.
It felt kind net being to his home as much as it fills a man with his hand, that of income and the best is brought to him. [See: Al Ain.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Spring: (Ascent; Creation; Fountainhead; Season) In a dream, a spring represents money, a child who may die young, a short lived marriage, acquiring an important job that does not last, or a fast disappearing happiness. (Also see Fountainhead) Dream Interpretation in Islam

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