Supplies: by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Supplies:

Is in a dream, seeking forgiveness and forgiveness is the garden and saw that it was watering his garden, he comes his family. And if he sees his garden with his wife abandoned the pineapple. It is unknown entered the orchard had scattered his papers are afflicted. Supplies shows the women because they charge the watered with water and give birth. May indicate Bustan anonymous on the Koran holy because it is like garden in the eye of viewers and in his hands the reader reaps never the fruits of his wisdom, which remains its origins with the mention of people, a tree is old and the updated and its promise and intimidation as a fruit of sweet and sour.
and perhaps Del Bustan unknown on the Paradise and its pleasures because the Arabs call the Commission.
and perhaps Del orchard on the market and the house the bride tree is Moaúdha, and the fruit of their food.
and perhaps indicated by the place or animal use it, and exploited it, Kalhawwanat and taverns, baths and Alerhah and beasts and cattle and other yields. It saw itself in a grove considered the case, it was in the house is right in the heaven and bliss, though patients died of his illness, if orchard is unknown, although the mujahideen won the certificate, especially if he sees a woman invites him to itself, or drink it with milk or rivers of honey, or fruit does not look like they have known what, if not the thing of it was single or had his marriage contract married or monogamous income received as his findings in the orchard. It entered the orchard, he saw a slave laborer or urinating in Saqath, or watering of non Soaekaya from a well or is it a man who betrays his well in his family. D. Supplies known to the owner or guarantor, or by the Governor and demonstrates the combined public, private and people are ignorant, scientists, Scrooges and generous and demonstrates the market or the role of science and the like as the school of the university places for students and worshipers of Sciences. And demonstrates the University of Dar Fiqirwalsaleh rich and reprobate. It came in a dream to the garden, if he entered it in time to demand the fruits is evidence of good and living and the increase in good deeds, husbands and children, though at the time to expiry and the fall of the papers reported, indicated by the detection case, debt or divorce their husbands or have children, if the inside to the garden dead, he is in heaven, though a sound may have been unjust to himself, not trusted in his religion, the control in which the queen received the attribute and power, and only was extravagant on himself.
and perhaps Del orchard on the wife and children, money and good life and the demise of concerns.
and perhaps Del garden on the position in which the feast of foods and different colors and the University of Dar Al-Sultan for the armies and soldiers. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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