Spit: by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Spit:

In a dream indicates the strength of a man, it saw the dried saliva deficit than what he wants to do his counterparts, say the word and his words.
and saw that it was out of his mouth foam and froth it indicates that it is false or a lie to say Evtolh. Spit and the man’s money and his ability, it is felt that it spits on the wall of money spent in Jihad or hold money in trade, the spitting on the ground bought the estate or land, the spitting on a tree or set aside a covenant he broke in right. The man spat on it causes to. Warm and spit proof of the longevity, and the spitting cold Vdleil death. And dry saliva in the mouth poverty, and is credited with the spit of speech, knowledge or money.
and perhaps indicated by the health or dieback, the person sees Besagah variable indicates that poor temperament. Sputum may indicate a break in a dream to comfort and pleasure, loss of children. And abundance in a dream evidence of worry and bile.
It felt as if he spits it out the bad words when the blood or phlegm thick as the words do not solve it.
It felt that spits in the face of a human or an animal out of it, it is not permissible for him to talk. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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