Silver: by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Silver:

Is the sum of money in a dream. Fovea and ongoing beauty of silver white, silver, because the essence of women.
and saw that it was extracted many silver hit a treasure. And if he sees that it melts the silver quarrel with his wife and is located in the tongues of the people. And the vessels of silver shops headed for a positive or good works to enter Paradise, he says: {or they passed round vessels of silver, and cups were Qoarrera} . And see the great pots with pots despicable corruption and suspicion of heresy and stopped at the seer.

meanings by Al ahsaai

See the silver

It felt that it hit the click of silver, it affects the woman or current is of the opinion that he has a real silver or dirhams unknown in any of the vessels, it conceals a secret or Istoda money and comfort for even saw that it was paid to the other, it put one in secret or money is of the opinion that struck dirhams If the new white it affects dirhams in vigilance as he saw it, although black, they hustle and his rivals, it was said, and saw that he lost his dirhams, it complains about his son or fall ill, what he hates him but saw that it was snatched from him or he went from AED irreversible died and his son and saw that it was hit Wlosa it Word of the hustle and despicable and that number is known to be lighter and easier is of the opinion that it melts the silver is like gold melts, but lighter

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of silver

They draw on:

It is felt that hit the silver, whether bullion or tablets interpret it with joy and pleasure, and perhaps shown to take place in the vigilance and the setting calls for them and sad to know that in particular the seer .

And the vision of silver right indicate the correct news and broken news of a feud and a liar, and he saw something in the blood, they indicate the deposit shall be deposited him .

It felt: that he had found a piece of glass or silver gave him one, it indicates that he married a woman from that land and the metal.

It felt: it enters the metal silver, it shows that his wife Tmkr it subtle.

It felt: he has found many silver it shows for treasure by the silver.

It felt: it gave him a silver brick hit the sultan. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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