screw: by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi screw:

Prince is in a dream or a successor. The nails on the show to see the soldiers and officers, and the DH. And screw a man by the people to reach their affairs, and demonstrates the marriage. It is proved that he saw a nail in the helm or in something which shows the women he married. And the many nails strength and invincibility.Swallow and swallow nails rage, and nails are people who defended a people corrupt.And screw a man among the people in the composing affection.

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of the screw

The screw, it is felt that hit the nail it infects a brother.

It felt: it beats a nail in the wall it shows on the maintenance of his brother’s house in the locality or nail in its wall because the wall in the interpretation of man, and the accuracy of the ground, his brother in connection with a woman because the land in the interpretation of a woman.

It felt: it beats in the back and nail it alive born to be great and much renowned for his name in the horizons, and said screw everything indicates stability in the honor of religion and the world.

It felt: a nail in his hand iron or copper or gold or silver or the like. Empty shell or bone or wood and place it in Adgah construed in two ways: marry a woman or take a friend.

It felt: that the screw has stabilized and become too difficult, it indicates the place to be for and Neil hopes.

It felt: hit the nail in a wood or column it shows a friend request from someone a liar, a hypocrite.

It felt: he hit the nail in a tree of trees and settled on the place Faúl gem that tree friendship, marriage and tender and continue.

It felt: that his hand a nail of iron and hit him in the place it shows for Born befitting the queen or the king, though not his people Farozkh God in knowledge and wisdom, though not of scholars, he likes to scientists, scholars and heads of religion and tend to them every mile.

It felt: he hit the nail in the land of gold or silver and do without it becoming a money Pksabh.

In all, the vision of the screw construed to four aspects: a brother and a son and a friend and marriage. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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