Soil by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Soil:

Is in a dream indicates the people because they created it.
and perhaps indicated by the cattle and pack animals or this world and its people, Valtrab of the earth, and its strength of pension creation, and the Arabs say: Oterb if a man is sacked.
and perhaps Del dirt on poverty or the dead or the grave, it is digging the ground and extracted the soil was sick or: he has a patient, that his grave, and was traveling Fterabh earned him and his wealth and usefulness, and his beating in the earth, and that marriage was a student of the earth was a wife, defloration, drilling, and relying Male, capital of the dust of women. And that was fisherman Vhverh Chtlh for hunting, and soil earned and Istvidh, otherwise the hole required requested in his quest and earn deceit or deception.
As of shaking his hand from the dust, or wash a dress of dust, the rich, he went on his wealth, and the movie earned shame and the need for, and it was religion, or he has a deposit reply to his family, and still the all-his hand, and took after him, though he was sick shake the hand of the gains of this world, and stripped of his money. Hand and hit the dirt and evidence of speculative Almkasph, and hit a stick or the conduct indicating travel well. Some of them said: walking in the dust to seek money, the collection or eat it, it brings money, being money on his hands, though: the land of the other money is for others, the carry bit of the dirt hit the benefit as far as pregnancy.The vacuuming his home and collect his dust, it is wiling to take from his wife’s money, the collection of his shop collecting money from the living.
It felt like ISV soil is money fall ill, and that soil capital and Dirhams, the saw like sweeping the dirt in the house and directed it to go money his wife. Rained, the dust is good unless it often. It is his home and wounded Anhedmt everything from soil and dust hit the money from the inheritance. Put the dust on his head hit the money from the stigma and a weakening.
It felt as if a man rummaging in the dirt on his head and his eyes rummaging in the dirt that is spent on Mahthe him to wear it is, and gain intentional. Felt as if the sky rained dust is much torment. It is sweeping his shop, and took out the dirt and cloth with him, it is converted from place to place. And the man walking in the dirt petition money. It hittite dirt on his head fall ill, they do not review the Almighty God in it. The soil of human life and his life. And dust indicates the livelihoods and agriculture, hunger and satiety.
It felt that it sat on the good clean soil is indicated by happiness and victory, and perhaps indicated by the religion in question.
and perhaps indicated by the soil, the man that created them, or soil that goes back to it. And dust with a woman in a dream Download doubtful.
and perhaps Del dirt on the water or fire or wind because a elements. And demonstrates the hard work that needs to travel to the tayammum. Hittite the one hand, in the dust and hair, and praised the people disappointed his purpose.
and possibly dirt on Del Poor Almusra.
and perhaps Del dust on the debt that the debtor Lixin. And shows the dirt on the speed and eliminate the need to complete the promise of its written that consequential. It was Bart has the goods, especially if her or she saw the dust and that dust, unlike Bart.

. Soil:

He conveys the dirt: his vision in a dream indicates the concern of bile and the transfer of speech, the transfer of dust in a dream indicates that the disappearance of worry and bile on his friends Dream Interpretation in Islam

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