sock: by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi sock:

Shows in a dream on the server, and money, and prevention of hardship.
and saw that it was wearing slippers, it travels in the sea. and puts them on the narrow and indicates that they are narrow and demanding religion, and perhaps indicates the sock on the narrow restriction in man. And if he sees that he removed him still worry and distress. And wearing socks with Tailsan indicates an increase in wealth, and in the capacity of living. It was said that the vision of the sock in the winter turnout shows the good, and otherwise the, or in the summer indicates that they are.
It is believed that the lightness fell into a well or burnt his wife died. New socks and narrow if it is demanded by religion, even if it were broad. And the sock capital of the outlandish, travel or silent, the felt slippers worn it did not receive money from people who Ajam. It is wearing two layers of a simple journey it travels away or close to, or marry a virgin. If the sock Mtakrka the woman be a virgin. Thinning occurred in the well or lost, it fired, sold the dead. Stolen from the pumice has been plagued by Bhmin, the bounce on the lightweight wolf or fox are under the understanding Vasagan his wife. Wearing two layers of the take-it Mnala by his wife. Wearing two layers of the patch at the bottom of the married woman with her ​​child. Eased and lost his old religion they are still with him. And shoes reflect the livestock, any accident occurs in the thinning occurs in cattle. It went to him and eased one went half his money. The gold Khvah together all his money went. It was: the sock and the imprisonment of the old religion, and the sock wife, saw that he had found the two layers is indicated for the Hereafter he joined Bdnaah, or Ibnafelth for obligatory prayers and easily live for many. Slippers camel in a dream and the power of books, and perhaps Del eased rotated on the camel’s back in the full moon or a painful or boot of the good things and preface. [See the boot, and see: Alzerpol See: Sole]. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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