Sound: by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Sound:

In a dream is the reputation and rights mentioned.
It felt that he raise his voice he shall rule over the people, the evil, and if he sees that he heard the voice of man, it receives a mandate. If the human voice was heard from some of the animals indicated many benefits, especially if the talk was something he loves, or that which is said is right. The raising his voice above the voice of the world, it commits a sin. Almighty and voice weak with fear. Ignoring sound modest. And loyalty and the police if a hidden voice or poor, they are cut off. The strife between the coin sound Dharbhe of Kings, and promised to listen to accomplish, and hearing the joyous news of dinars, and hear the news grumpy money, and said: Voices of dirhams and dinars indicate the good words. Animals and the sounds of the concerns and fears. A sheep’s voice in a dream of the righteousness of man cream. And the voice of Capricorn and the ram and the richness and pleasure is good. Opportunities and neigh Neil gift of an honest man or a brave soldier. And braying donkey prayer on the oppressors. And the voice of the mule talk and fight in the reproach. And the dialogue of the calf and the bull, cattle and occurrence in the strife. Growl and travel fatigue and Jalil Hajj and Jihad. The lion’s roar Tie and vowed, prestige and fear of unjust authority. The barking dog and willful defiance and regret at the injustice and seek with words does not mean. And the voice of leopard Dalal and arrogance. Noah and Hadeel bathroom or a wedding, or a Muslim woman, Sharifa covert reader. Words and the voice of the hook is useful, or hear the Koran, or the sermon of a preacher.And frog croak Tarab, sounds, guards or entering the work world of man, and said: is the word ugly. And Vhih snake fight and try and alert, and vowed enemy of punk. The Pussy Meow the hustle and gossip, slander, Lamaze. Nim and the mouse and familiarity meeting livelihood, and a veil of damage or theft of punk. Fawn and Bgam nostalgia home. The howling wolf warning of theft. Fox and shouting warning to escape and move on, and Neil pangs of hatred or a liar. And Uauah jackal other things an important in the goodness and evil. And the voice of the pig win the enemies of the rich and foolish. The voice of hate Almabron Zir water, peacocks and chickens, and said that he and sorrow are. And the voice of the crow and the parting obituary. And every voice that ugly hear are the and ordered the moodiness, and voice Tayeb Sorour, and Farah. [See the phone.

meanings by Al ahsaai

Sound Vision

The voice and speech, it is felt his throat close and produce a voice showed his vision to his concern is of the opinion that he was speaking in Arabic it is for glory and honor but spoke Hindi or Turk or turkey or Armenian is not that Mahmoud even spoke Agamy or Balabrani or Balfranji or all tongues, that Mahmoud and saw that he spoke the words justified the mind and the goodness and the benefit is better for him but otherwise Vtobeirh against him is of the opinion that a member of it spoke indicating that one martyr of him and said some of them sound reputation rights and mentioned among people, was strong Well it is the pride and reputation of good though otherwise Vtobeirh against him and not sound right in the thick Mahmoud women Dream Interpretation in Islam

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