sieve: by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi sieve:

His vision in a dream indicates the guidance after error, after sin and repentance.
and perhaps indicates that the ruling sunken between right and wrong.
and perhaps indicates that the person who does not hold evil. Sieve and indicating harmful and distracting because it does not divide things in common. And it was said is a man of distinction between loved ones and family. It was: is the hairdresser because it cleans the dirt, and it was said that a man is being honest money on his hands. Is indicated by the maid.

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision sieve

 The sieve it is interpreted by man with vision, and was construed sieve of dirhams and dinars Bnaked and distinguished between the words.

And vision screening commendable because it is a good thing, said sieve construed Women and the server .

Ibn Sirin said: sieve server distinctive Zarif, it is considered that the Gharbala him or gave him one, it indicates the server Balsafh get mentioned .

 It felt: that Gharbalh has been lost, it indicates the loss of his servant or Abagh.

 It felt: that he garbled something for the people of the grain, it indicates that something be done for the benefit of people and harmful to him.

 It felt: that he himself does not screen the other it is construed to the benefit of obtaining it. Dream Interpretation in Islam


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