shooting: by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi shooting:

Of the saw in a dream that he aimed the catapult it treachery and intrigue.
and perhaps indicated by the extrusion of scientists and force them, or to accuse chaste women, and to challenge the debt.
and perhaps showed his vision to sedition. And throwing darts in a dream guide Speech symptoms symptoms, the arrows were the Blades were messengers get the intended healing, although the chapters were not indicated disappointment with means. It threw the stock was as a patient, it receives its need of proximity to God, though in this world, it receives her honor.
and saw two rows designed some of the people some Valmuseibon Ikhasamun the right and the wrong speak in _khashumichm unlawfully.
and saw that it was aimed at people with arrows, it throw them talk badly .
It is considered that the aims Vijti his tongue malignant symptoms occur in people.
and saw that it was designed to not make mistakes the purpose of it is bestowed on his way from the book or send a messenger. It threw the man did not hit him, it throws words of vanity.
and saw that it was aimed arrows on a mountain east and west, and a new white clothes it receives the property and power that was worthy of it, carried out by Valsham wrote in his letters and orders. Stoned and throw nuts. It was: throwing nuts tossed in urban areas for that shooting, the shooting was in the land for hunting is a trophy and win. It is throwing an arrow and shed his blood it receives the benefit of a great man. It is signed and arrows in his heart Those meats Ghulam Hassan or ongoing beauty.
and saw that it was aimed catapult a bulwark of the enemies of righteousness, that the words speak of it, or prayer calling by God.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Shooting arrows: In a dream, shooting arrows is interpreted like shelling someone or a place. Otherwise, they means backbiting people or slandering them. Shooting arrows in a dream also could mean taking medicine, or giving an injection to a patient. If the arrows do not have arrowheads in the dream, then they mean disappointment. If one shoots arrows and finds himself also at the receiving end in a dream, it means that he will attain his goal of meeting his Lord. However, ifhe remains in this world, it means that he will rise in station and receive honor. If one sees two rows of people shooting arrows at each other in his dream, it means that the successful ones would be right and the losers would be at fault. Shooting arrows at people in a dream then means backbiting people, slandering them, or it could mean vain talking. If one constantly fails his aim in his dream, it means that he has an evil speaking tongue. Hitting one’s target in a dream means attaining one’s goals, or speaking the truth regarding someone he knows. Wearing a white garment and standing on top of a mountain and shooting arrows toward the East and the West in a dream means attaining a vast control over people and lands, if one qualifies. One’s arrows in a dream also represent his message or writings. (Also see Arrows; Hunting; Shelling) Dream Interpretation in Islam

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