shock: by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi shock:

Are in a dream place of torment, if resolved, and the shock of death, and stun indicate disease and those who falsely burned, the burned anything that indicates that the benefit of a recession. And stun warning to those who committed sins, and stun fond Agrema. And lightning show on pandemics and plagues that infect the Lord whom he will like locusts, hail, wind, and with things and Barsam, smallpox and plague and fever, may indicate a serious matter comes before the King of the loss or destruction of, or in love. Thunderbolt indicates the arrival of a tyrant ruler, and indicate some of the gruesome incidents known as death, fire, demolition and thieves. It saw the lightning fell at his home and was sick it dies, though he gave away his obituary, and prevail upon the police.
It felt lightning falling in the role it may have people oppressors. But fell by lightning in acres and orchards Fjoaúh and owners of Ashour and collectors, and spreads in a place of injustice and corruption, and extreme fear.
and saw lightning in the town of burned land, that authority come down in that country, going from corruption and the high cost too. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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