ship: by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi ship:

Fishing boats in a dream, a function of living and interest, it is installed in a dream boat a stranger, or his married a woman from the land which rates the boat to it, or it buys under way or triumph over his enemy, or have the goods, and the boat’s relatives seer and what was seen in the sky disorder or change the conditions of the return on that boat, especially if the seer seer in the sea, because of the names of the compound astronomy.

meanings by Al ahsaai

 See the ship

It felt that, in the ship it is they or disease or confinement or order prevents him from advancing in his command was the ship survived, which fear and caution may be a woman, he charms married is of the opinion that it creates a vessel or owned or purchased by or donated to him or is where it marries a woman or buys under way is of the opinion that it was in the ship came out of them to the mainland, it escapes from the anguish and imprisonment, worry and sadness and misfortune and dieback is of the opinion that the ship continues to walk the concern weakest and most immediate departure of the owner of it, although he is imprisoned as long as prison or sick a long illness or Ram trip could not be or request is not up to him and saw that the ship list in the stagnant water that was more to worry and farther to the survival and was of the opinion that in the ship the sea or in the river it Adakhl authority or a Sultan, and saw that it was up to the ship from the middle of the sea after he realized loss, the he is guilty he repented of his sin or poor sacked or patients woke or student science catches up or worried still his main concern or charms married or injured under way and saw that it was in a ship and sank him is it sinking in is this world and be the consequences to the good is of the opinion that his ship was broken and then surpassed Oluahha, this calamity in the father or uncle or like them from the danger has perhaps indicated by the death of its owner is of the opinion that his ship was under way in the air, his death, it inevitably Dream Interpretation in Islam

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