sheep: by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi sheep:

Is valid in a dream obedient flock. And sheep indicate the booty, husbands, children and property and crops and fruit trees. Valdon creams women beautiful women with money and view the hidden. And women with goats Showing Mbdhul to detect Aourathen. And lamb Aourathen concealed mechanism.
and saw that it was marketed sheep eggs and black Arabs Ajam, the taking of their wool and milk, it earns them money, the king of the sheep, they earned booty. And it was said that the sheep of the many people who Asason.
is of the opinion that he found the sheep, it receives state and principality and King, judgment and grace.
and saw a flock of sheep long as it pleased, and saw the heads of sheep and Okaraha increased age.
and saw his image turned into a picture Ghanameh won the trophy. [See: Lamb]. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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