Sparks: by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Sparks:

Is an ugly word in a dream. It is seen sparking scattered therefore hear ugly words from a man with Sultan, the flame in the talk is growing and growing. But felt the sparks, the smoke is the greatest. Hall and smoke wherever they burned though burning sparks light the enemy, throw bad words Faisbr burn it.
It felt sparks many fall ill, therefore the punishment.
It felt a spark that took place in the people it is among them enmity and hatred. And sparks indicates that boys burned the spark is sequential and moodiness.
and perhaps Del sparks on the bad deeds of the causes of fire and Cherrha.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Sparks: In a dream, sparks represent ugly words. If one sees sparks hitting him in a dream, it means that he will hear harsh words pronounced against him by someone in authority. If one’s clothing ignites and burns from sparks in the dream, it means aggravation of his condition. If smoke engulfs the sparks in one’s dream, then they represent an awesome adversity. Whenever smoke appears in one’s dream, it represents an appalling and a horrifying calamity. If the sparks cause secondary burns in the dream, then they represent a weak enemy who slanders him and one may bear the consequences of such slander


with patience, and its evil and fire will eventually diminish. If one sees a major eruption of sparks in his dream, they represent a major calamity. If a spark falls in the midst of a gathering in the dream, it means a fight and harm. Sparks in a dream also represent one’s children. If sparks burn one’s face in a dream, they mean continuous suffering and disturbances. Sparks in a dream also mean evil deeds, sins and crimes that call for punishment in hell-fire. (Also see Flint Stone) Dream Interpretation in Islam

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