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The arrow and shooting it straight up Faúl words to one, and perhaps the absence. It was of the opinion that no one throws an arrow aimed at the messenger sent to him the words, especially if you threw it to the purpose, and threw it without a purpose, they sent him a book as much as Marshal of the arrow.

It felt: it is designed without a blade shares it sends a messenger unintentionally.

It felt: it aims an arrow walked Mauajja it shows Messenger traitor.

It felt: he threw a hunting arrow, it insults a man or ongoing.

Ibn Sirin said: shooting the messenger, interpreted rightly threw the messenger goes and sends it provides basic needs, and threw it is wrong is right Vtobeirh against him.

It felt: that he threw the shares and kept his share to the end, but it shows his name and fame spread to at the end of it and be famous in all things.

It felt: that his share was signed in the middle of a city or village or group, it shows the passing of his command in that place, which occurred in it, and that occurred in the middle of donkeys or something of the beast, it indicates the passing of his command in that place, which occurred at the ignorant folks.

It felt: that he threw the shares hit the mark for it is his goal. It was of the opinion that he threw it shares Fassar Mauajja construed Qasd send him to a place gets, stocks many betrayal devolve much money.

It felt: he put shares in Trkashh or saw him full of it construed obtaining money saving for it in place, and perhaps get better than him to his family and promised beautiful, and was told the stock construed Balvars and injury to the purpose of discarding evidence eliminate the need, but did not hurt Vdd, and if the arrow without arc, it is construed with the Messenger of packages, and if we get a request without a messenger to the woman, and if the blade of gold is hated in the message.

It felt: that the blades its share of gold valued construed it, and said some of the poets:

Arrows drawn blades of Asadjad … hampered by an agent fighting for dew

It felt: that we get arrows pencil it sends a messenger in order and weakens the case in which, although it is zero the message is for the case, and if Qazzaz message was for money, and if the silver is a message to get money, and if the iron is message in the strength of Bemsrh, and the stock’s strong rapid Victab take the word of an adult and unable to break it. It was of the opinion that the shares hit his hand and attributed the elevation, and was told that the stock of another man a man Oh, and the foreign share of women no matter where she saw her husband from Zain or Shin construed it.

It felt: it aims shares, meaning it sends an offer in a hidden cunningly thrown upside down and force, and may have been intending to send a spy.

It felt: that his share without the blades is the Messenger of laboratory, and perhaps talk less, and the effort in the way of Allah is beautiful and Larkins said Izz honor.

It felt: it aims to be one of the aims is most likely loser. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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