scabies by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi scabies:

Of the opinion that it Gerba, a Agh, and there is no water, no pus, it is in their and tired by his relatives. If scabies in the harm in his body and his brothers living.Though in his right hand in it living. The solution in the left hand, it were by his partner or his brother. The solution Bkhaddh it by his clan. The solution in the stomach before it is his money and his children. Though in scabies water it affects their diligence of money, the itching and it wound money with some sheep, it was the pus or pus, it affects as much money developing it. It was said that the concerns of scabies, itching and authority of the Poor people who offend him.
It felt that its Gerba suggests the left and the rich against the poor, and rich evidence for the presidency. It is better to see the man that he is the one who was wounded scabies or leprosy or pustulation or smallpox, the saw in the other it indicates sadness and decrease Jah to his vision, and if he saw her in the slave, it is not fit to serve him, if his son, it does not obey his son in cohabitation, but his wife, this shows that all what you do ugly. Scabies but felt in the neck, it was religion.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Scabies: (See Plague) Scale beam: (See Steelyard)

meanings by Al ahsaai

See scabies

It felt that his body Gerba it for money, the tired and rubbed water out of him receive money without fatigue on his body and saw a lot Gerba and acquitted him on the spot is on the money in two ways to go, or the salvation of those who are distressed, the effect remained in his body, it brings money

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of scabies

The scabies Faúl in three ways: money and the words of obscene prints it and get something hated.

It felt: that his body Gerba it for money and set up tired and rubbing the hardness and the water out of him received the money without fatigue.

It felt: Gerba on his body a lot and innocent in the case shall be construed in two ways: to go or the salvation of the money they are distressed, the effect remained in his body, it brings money. Dream Interpretation in Islam


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