shadow: by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi shadow:

Is in a dream summer in comfort and usefulness and prestige, a D in the winter to worry and bile and innovation. The shadow indicates the Sultan because he had God on earth. The shadow is the world Abid Zahid Hafiz.
It felt that he went to sit under the heat of it escapes from worry and gain sustenance.Her husband remained. And women-free if the pair to August Vizojha shadow man with glory and money. If it is found in the cold sat in the sun goes cold because his poverty poverty.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Shadow: (Under the sun, in the dark, or otherwise.) In a dream, a shadow represents changes affecting one’s life in the world and his elevation or abasement. A shadow in a dream also means guidance, repentance, true monotheism and contemplating the Maker and His creation. If one moves but does not see his shadow moving in a dream, it means abrogating the laws, discarding what is permissible, adopting what is unlawful, death, becoming motionless, or losing one’s senses. The same interpretation applies if one’s shadow disappears under the sunlight, or under the moonlight, or in the night lights, or if his reflection disappears from the water surface, or from any shiny surface. If one sees his shadow dancing in a dream, it means falsehood, lies, stealing people’s money, shifting one’s faith according to one’s personal interests, or that he criticize the conduct of God’s Prophet, upon whom be peace. Dancing one’s shadow over a carpet in a dream means invoking evil spirits, speaking their words after being possessed by them, and it means trials, temptations and evil. (Also see Shade)

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of the shadow

And shadow construed donation and dignity and sublimity of the mountain has been construed seniority and prestige by the Sultan as well as the shortcomings of the wall, it has been the elevation of great destiny.

The tree has been the comfort and ease by a man with recourse.

It felt: it is in the position of sitting in the ruins of it shows him near to the verse, “Did you see how thy Lord hath spread the shade” verse.

Pinna has been interpreted to those who sat the benefit of the accession of the king. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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