teeth by Al ahsaai See the teeth

The teeth in the interpretation of people of home and kinship As for the highest men of the Alosavl Vnsoh Valenab master of his household or of suits him and said canine right upper boy takes the place of his father and left without him and was left with the left and is free and the Quartet’s cousin or aunt, and other relatives and smiling free man and his aunt or Bnoheme it saw it as something beautiful, beauty, or against them, he felt that those who attributed Age it is of the opinion that he grew his side of the counterpart, it takes advantage of those attributed to him by the two or who act in his place and saw in his teeth resorted It is a defect of his household, and perhaps indicates that the increase Hassan and chatter evidence of an argument between his family and the uneven teeth shows to make money in denial worries and whiteness of teeth, length and completeness increase the power and prestige is of the opinion that he grew his age which pains him was a disgrace or calamity is of the opinion that no one takes off his teeth indicates that it goes a mercy or spend money to hate him and saw that year took place in the earth Vtlqah indicates that children born to him Born the not Alagafh indicates the death of one of his relatives is of the opinion that the teeth had decreased it is not because Mahmoud said some small teeth indicate good and enormous, indicating the Annunciation and saw teeth defect denies it is awake he is on three aspects of them and sorrow and the bankruptcy and death of some or weakness mettle is of the opinion that all his teeth fell and I went for it is at five aspects of the death of all his relatives and the length of his age and go wealth and livelihood, religion and possibly die but fell in his lap or his hand or in connection gets him to save it ten aspects of obtaining money and the many descendants of the meeting of his relatives place and the demolition of his house and meet the debt and go money in interest and the lapse of eight and twenty years of age and life for thirty-two years and fined thirty dirhams to thirty thousand depending on the place and go money in the expense is of the opinion that it purifies the teeth motion is not so Mahmoud is of the opinion that it is not his mouth teeth and then grew renewed it on three aspects of change things and a long life and managed in the interests of himself and said some of them felt that not his mouth, but age, it indicates the year and saw more of it than without the ten The term one than a year is of the opinion that We are not important to him should not Napata where it indicates that it is not Mahmoud is of the opinion that he swallowed his teeth or eat some of it does not solve his money Dream Interpretation in Islam

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