steel by Al ahsaai See the steel

The steel is an honor Izz it is felt that the heart is alive hit the elevation and honor but felt it is a solid dead hit attributed in the world with the corruption of religion and saw that it was crucified did not generate when the heart of it is due to money had gone with him and said to be hard for the rich unless the owner as evidence poverty and the poor richer and the capacity is not good in eating the flesh of the crucified is of the opinion that the group they crucified him, it prevails on them and saw that it was the heart itself, it prevails on his relatives if he saw the onlookers to him and that he saw backs him, they do not obey Him as ordering them to him and saw the crucified lost love, it eliminated for salary

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of steel

The steel, it is extracted from pure iron, may provide what works for him of weapons and expression, and the is in the same Vtobeirh for what comes from a male iron but stronger and Almabron crossed the iron did not mention the steel because it is an extract from it and iron comprehensive for that and others, and remind him what work it. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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