sermon by Ibne serin Sermon: (See Preacher; Pulpit

meanings by Al ahsaai

See the sermon

The sermon is of the view that he preaches a woman, it seeks to collect the world and gain from it as much as bestowed of the speech is of the opinion that he preaches a woman married to Fidel as the required minimum and do not receive him and saw that it was preaching woman replied to his purpose and was beautiful in Hassan he get what he wants and probably indicates Vision for the joy and pleasure is of the opinion that a woman Takdoba the world to slash him to come

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of the sermon

Of the opinion that a sermon on the pulpit to the people that gets him high and as much as Izz and prestige, although not eligible for this will be as follows:

If travel can not be coming back to safety.

Although it lacks the rich, though poor, afflicted and the scourge of disease and severity.

Vhakarh though ignorant in the eyes of the people.

Although the people of the Book of Fidel Islam or near him.

The sultan was seasoned with Fidel on justice and fairness.

The spoiler was Vitob Allaah be upon him.

The woman was said to her husband and Vivtdh known publicly on words is no good when they are said to marry, and perhaps come Bold launches or from adultery, after all no good.

It felt: that sermon was a prince or a scientist or his job and did it prove in his sermon, and may govern the completion of his post and to spend his needs, if not his sermon, the matter can not be requested by him, and perhaps isolated from his job and his job.

It felt: that the law violates speak words, it is known for scandals Vistghafr God than that.

It felt: that the speaker or isolate the rhetoric rather than others or The term accident happened to him in the king of that place.

Fiqh Council vision and preaching

Of the opinion that he preached and was qualified to state, it shall be judged, though this is implemented it.

It felt: that people preach and instruct them and forbids it calls some people to the right and the way of righteousness.

It felt: it was not his preaching the need can not be on, nor is it something that is asked him, were said to preach the reluctance for people with exhortation.

It felt: Council has a group of scientists where he sat with an open mind, if eligible for that is to increase science and the elevation.

Although not eligible for this calamity, it tests people are saying and accept it and believe in saying it.

The Council was convened because of the trial or proof of marriage is to engage in order to better Manmol consequences.

The Council was due to teaching or talk or jurisprudence, or the like, is for good, a blessing and said to the mercy of God, and perhaps that is evidence of some quasi-secretariat.

The latest saw that it was in such a Council deny the vigilance it is no good in it.

It felt: he says he hears it or bones construed obtaining the benefit of the verse, “said the anniversary in vain believers.”

It felt: it reminds people, not of the people are distressed, it calls for a private part of God and God knows best. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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