Sakia: by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Sakia:

Indicate in a dream on the course of livelihood and caused Kalhanot, industry and travel, and perhaps indicated by the sores to supply it with water in its course with watered the orchards.
and perhaps indicated by the allantois and watering.
and perhaps indicated by the Mahgh travel route.
and perhaps indicated by the throat because he legs of the body.
and possibly shown on the lives of creatures that The general, or the life that was a private builder. Waterwheel and a good life for those who own it, provided that the water from overflowing its course limited in the ground, burst its banks on its course, the left and right, it is important and sadness and crying. Similarly, if Sakia took place through the role and it houses a good life if discharged fresh net. And it was said of King water being received the principality and the benefit.
It felt legs filled Zbila and sweeping has been washed and still is where it is congested.
It felt the water run from his legs exposed to the bug for rain.
It felt his legs under water from outside the city to the inside in the groove with water net and people Ihamdon God and drink from its water and fill them and their vessels were in the B and evacuated them, and supplied them with God of life, even if they overtook them in the intensity of God rain lasting prosperity. Though water Sakia Kadra or salty or out of Sakia harmful to people, it ill-provided to the public and publish them disease behind years Kalzakam in the winter and fever in the summer or news hated for travelers.
It felt waterwheel going to his farm and was a bachelor, married, or bought a current girlfriend, the had a wife or current that carried him to drink his land or his garden.Legs and blood in the house shows the corruption of those women that house.
It is believed that the waterwheel came out of the course and hurt the people they come to him as bad news. May be Sakia women.
It felt cut legs, they boycott between him and a woman. And it was said of the view that behind the legs, it dies.
It felt that it derives from the legs, it affects the good, live a good life.
It is believed that drinking water fresh from the legs or river, it affects the living for a nice long life, even though water Kadra or Mazza was living in and they fear or severe. And it was said is a disease as much as drinking it.
and possibly shown on the veins of the body streams which the body grows Bsagaha. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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