Scorpion Vision

Scorpion Vision

Scorpion Vision of Al zahri Scorpion Vision

As Scorpio, it devolves on the ways:

Enemy is weak without religion is harmful to his tongue and many Dag gratitude does not differentiate between friend and foe .

It felt: in his hand a scorpion bites a man it backbite people of creation and say them as unworthy.

It felt: that eat meat roasted scorpion eat it from the wealth of his enemy, even if it is cooked Istgab enemies.

It felt: that the Scorpions out of his mouth or interference in the cloth, it indicates the presence of the enemy in his own house, and shall sit down with him.

It felt: that the scorpion in his clothing it shows the corruption of his enemy in his religion.

It felt: that the scorpion in his shirt, it shows the corruption of the enemy with his family or with the progress.

Scorpion sting and the vision that the enemy construed Igtabh and gets hated him .

It felt: he killed a scorpion, it gains control Bteke.

It felt: scorpion hit Bzbanha of goods, it is construed that the reason for him with a woman or a boy so let him fear Allah.

It felt: Semi and Scorpion Bakrb not think it is in a feud and is not the enemy.

It felt: he took the scorpion and put it on a woman he commits them obscene. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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