sacrifice: by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi sacrifice:

Is the directory in a dream to fulfill the vow, and salvation of adversity, and the safety of the patient.
and perhaps indicates that the livelihoods and benefits by livestock. Near the camel in a dream may come to Friday in the first hour, and perhaps a cow came to Friday in the second hour, although perhaps came near the ram to Friday in the third hour, though in a dream near the chickens probably came to Friday’s fourth hour, and near egg in a dream may come to Friday in the fifth hour.
and perhaps sacrifice shown to control the apportionment of the money. The sacrifice of his private part Vbasharh all concerns, and the appearance of the pond, the author of Revelation was a pregnant woman gives birth to a son, it is valid, is of the opinion that he sacrificed his body or a cow or ram, the aged Rkaba.
is of the opinion that he sacrificed a slave it is aged. His vision of the prisoners to get rid of the households. If he saw a debtor spent his religion, though a poor enriched, but was afraid the security, although it did not perform Hajj on it pilgrimage, although the warrior won, though in distress Farajallah him distress.
It felt as if he divides the flesh of his offering among the people, it comes out of his concerns, and receive and attributed the honor.
It felt like something was stolen from the Eucharist, it is lying to God. Some crossings: the patient if he considers that he has shown his vision to sacrifice his death. Some of them said that he receive healing.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Sacrifice: (Immolation) To offer a sacrifice in a dream means to fulfill one’s promises, relieffrom difficulty, healing of the sick, or increase in one’s earnings. If the one offering a sacrifice interprets dreams as a profession, then it means that he has misinterpreted someone’s dream, that he gave him bad advice, or sacrificed the interest of the person in question. Sacrificing in a dream also means receiving an inheritance. If a pregnant woman sees such a dream, it means that she will bear a righteous son. (Also see Abraham; Ismiiil; Immo-lation; Lamb; Offering; Ram; Sheep)

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of sacrifice

Of the opinion that he sacrificed animal is paraded may sacrifice religiously, it is better and grace, though the seer a slave to free, though in distress and they Faraj him, though he was sick Awfi, albeit a poor sacked, though a panic safe, although it owes In God about his religion, although not of pilgrimage pilgrimage before it, though in a narrow expanded in the living God.

It felt: it divides and differentiates flesh communion to the people it signifies the death of a man who divides his indecent and his family.

It felt: he sacrificed animal is paraded incomplete or where they lack a lack of religion. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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