sale: by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi sale:

Of the saw in a dream, it is sold, or be called upon, it honors and attributed the gain and power bought by the woman, the man who bought bestowed upon them. The higher the price was more than Akram.
It felt as if it was sold and the slaves or the poor or that it captured a good sign, whereas in patients Almiyasir and the proof of evil. And selling varies according to differences in interpretation, Sales, and all that was evil question Mptaa was good for, and what was good for the seller it is evil for Mptaa. And it was said that selling the demise of the king, and the seller buyer and the buyer the seller, and selling preference to sales, the sold shows to the world its impact Hereafter it, and sold indicates the Hereafter preferred to lower it, but was replaced immediately under any circumstances on the amount sold and the price, the sale of the free state and good the end of the story of Yusuf (AS). And selling vacuum in a dream of what sold, and bought with the desire, the thing sold in Manna dingy, and bought something valuable, and it was in the invasion, he died a martyr. Even sold something precious, and bought something dingy, indicated by a bad end, we seek refuge in God, and perhaps preferred this world to the Hereafter, or nation to free, or disobedience to obedience.
and perhaps Del selling shame free if they are selling a dream, but the consequences are benign compared to the story of Joseph peace be upon him.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Sale: If one sees himself as a prisoner being sold in a slave market in a dream, it means honor if the buyer is a woman, and difficulties if the buyer is a man. The higher the price he is auctioned for, the better or worse is his luck. In a dream, the more loss the buyer incurs, the better it is for the traded subject and vice-versa. There is also a difference between seeing oneself being auctioned and being sold. Being auctioned in a dream means evil. To sell means to part with. In a dream, the buyer is the seller and the seller is a buyer. Selling means giving preference and value to the merchandise. Ifwhat is being sold is worldly, the preference is then given to one’s benefits in the hereafter. Selling in a dream also means exchanging one condition with another. However, bartering in a dream means to exchange the benefit of things, or to share them.lffor example one sees himself in a dream trading something of no value for something precious, and if he is a warrior, it means that he will die as a martyr. Selling a free man in a dream means rotation of power and reaching a praiseworthy end. As it happened in the story of Joseph son of Jacob, upon both of them be peace. (See Introduction)

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision Sale

The sale is subject to dispute and was told that he is better than buying, and was the best purchase, has made buying and selling in the door of the servants and slaves.

Vision Leasing

The lease Valmstager in deceptive interpretation to those who hire him and tempted and urging him to order, and if the trick disowned him and left.

Vision of the company

The company indicates it is on equity, it is felt that no one attended it treated and was told because I hate the vision of the company’s ideals among the people stepper four characters, if the company raised the distraction remained trapped, and if raised CAF remained evil not good in terms of the sentence. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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