room: by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi room:

In a dream is a function of the security from fear, says: {They are} Algerfat safe , though a bachelor, married, and was married to a son or livelihood nation on his wife.And the room well-woman religion. It is seen from a distance and elevation, it Sadd and pleasure, though it is the elevation of the clay in the pleasure and religion. The room went up to the unknown and the security was afraid, though he was sick to heaven and became only the elevation gained and led his people on the authority or the knowledge or lead.
It felt that in the new room and sacked if he is poor, though rich was wounded in his money. But felt that in the room was old and poor persons increased bankruptcy, although the rich grew richer.
It felt that it builds a room marry a woman.

meanings by Al ahsaai

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Al rooms indicate what is to follow God or to despise the vision that the people intended, or is harmful to Dream Interpretation in Islam

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