Resurrection by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Resurrection

Nazir is in a dream and a warning to those who saw her from the sin they are. And resurrection amended to redress the oppressed from the oppressor.
It is believed that the resurrection has him alone it dies.
and saw that it was standing in the resurrection it travels.
It felt that he was stuffed and alone and his wife with him is unjust, says {Ahchroa who do wrong, and their wives, and they worship Me . And the land of the Resurrection honest woman or an honest man. The blowing of the Trumpet spared him righteous.
It felt the resurrection in his sleep is indicated by the emergence of something of portents Xvk blood and the appearance of evil.
It felt graves split and that the dead out of the extension of justice.
It is believed that the resurrection has inspected its horrors and then saw that this world is returned to the same, this indicates that justice be followed by injustice.
and saw that it was near from the account, the vision shows negligence on the good and the neglect of the right, the verse {close to the people self-employed, and they turn away in heedlessness} .
and saw that it was already been brought to account severely showed his vision on the loss falls to him. But felt that God Almighty has set call him to account in the balance of its attractions Faragan disadvantages to it in obedience to a great desert when God has great possessions, but suggested his good deeds, the sins of his religion is groundless it. And it was said of the view that the Resurrection has it escapes from the evil of his enemies, or be a temptation in people.
is of the opinion of the Signs of the time something like the blowing of the images, or dissemination of the people of the graves, or the rising of the sun from Morocco, interpreted Ktaoal the Day of Resurrection, and exit of the Antichrist is a man with heresy and misguidance. The blowing of the Trumpet and the plague epidemic and warning of the Sultan.
is of the opinion that he took his right hand won the propriety and wealth and splendor, and perished with his left hand taking sin, poverty and need.
and saw that it was on the Bridge survived intact and the severity of the affliction and calamity. [See Gash, See Resurrection].

meanings by Al ahsaai

 Reading Resurrection

The Resurrection shows that the reader be the death certificate or his fear of the torment of God and the generosity and faith to avoid promiscuous and probably forgot to himself and said to oppress him be a man and consequences of victory and nail Dream Interpretation in Islam

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