Quran by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Quran Of read or read it just as Abu Bakr, may Allah be pleased with him it is bent upon Basically and Ihbbh God to His creation, and said maximize over it, and spreads said Gemayel, and guided in his religion, and longevity, and it was said that he asked of science and be a messenger for scientists.

meanings by Al ahsaai

Read the Quran

Quran indicates to the reader to do much good and high and thinking about the agents of God and gratitude for His blessings and longevity

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of the Holy Quran

Vision science interpreted the Koran and wisdom, it is felt that reads in the Koran or the consideration of the evidence on the spread of knowledge, wisdom and justice in creation, and perhaps get his inheritance and God said to give him the wisdom and goodness in religion.

It felt: he bought a copy of the Koran, it Atfgah in religion.

It felt: that he burned the copy of the Koran shows the corruption of religion and lack of faith and the corruption of his mind.

It felt: he sold the copy of the Koran to be deprived of the knowledge gained and collected and be humiliated dingy.

It felt: it has opened the copy of the Koran and put it on a platform the mosque, if the people of the Qur’an gets his well-known, and may prevail over the group.

It felt: that eat leaves the Koran, it was the people of the Qur’an and piety, it would be a lot of reading, if not it is reading the Koran, and that he wants to eat is not able, if the people of righteousness, it handles the save perhaps God facilitated by him, although not do not get a result of treatment.

Is of the opinion: that tearing leaves the Koran, it would be lazy in his prayer Vlioazb them.

It felt: that wiped out his tongue the Qur’an has committed a great sin, because Allaah says, “They want to extinguish the light of Allah with their mouths.” It was perhaps knows the Koran.

It felt: he read the Koran indicates the entry is not in the assistant to him.

It felt: it has opened the Quran did not find it in writing it is not good, and others may want to copy a copy of the Koran, and probably knows that the other was of his family.

It felt: that before the copy of the Koran it does good.

It felt: it conveys what a Koran on the ground indicates atheism.

It felt: it reads in the Koran, a naked be his living from the Koran.

It felt: that he relied on the Koran or put it under his head on Fidel in two ways: first, if the piety of the people of Manrsa it, although not Firtkp what is not permissible.

It felt: he lost it Msahvh forget the science and the Koran.

It felt: that he held a Koran, it follows state or assume the secretariat and the campaign of the Koran and said to survival, security and maintenance.

It felt: it is seen in the Koran and is transmitted as it simplifies the use or interpret the Koran is correct in his opinion may refer for that.

It felt: that caused by the Koran or speak with him, the speech was evidence of good is better, though evidence of the evil Fischer.

It felt: that the Koran was signed out of his hand, or taken from him, if a scientist or a function of which come down to it, and if not there is nothing good in it.

In all, the vision of the Koran interpreted as seven aspects: knowledge, wisdom and legacy and the Secretariat of the old and the rule of livelihood and strength. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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