Quran by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi the Quran Read it in a dream and pleasure and honor of victory. But read the Koran of Koran, it is a man contend in the right and the right of his claim, is a believer humbled enjoin what is good and forbid what is evil. But felt that he recite the Koran in which he knows what it is sane. But felt that the Koran is recited to him and he does not accept it from the power of harm or punishment from God. If my mother saw that he reads the Koran, it dies. But felt that he concludes the Quran when God reward him greatly and obtain what he wishes.
and saw that it was written in the Koran or the ceramic shell, it is explained by the opinion of himself, and saw that it was written on the ground it is a heretic. It was reading the Koran to fulfill needs and clarity of the case.
It felt a people naked reading the Quran, these people have passions had stripped her.
It felt that keeping the Qur’an did not learn it received the king.
It felt that he heard the Koran strong authority and improved its conclusion and Oaiv of Kidd Alkaúdan.
It felt it reads something from the Koran and was sick lips of God, says {And We send down from the Koran which is a healing and a mercy for believers} . And reading the Koran to show the many good works and high grades. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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