Quran by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Quran Is expressed in a dream the king examining magistrate or the Muslims. It is believed the Koran was burned, the king or judge dies.
authority is of the opinion written copy of the Koran, it appears the Justice and grant victory to Islam. If the judge writes that copy of the Koran, it would be miserly with science and prestige. If the world and saw that it was written copy of the Koran, it earns in trade. The king saw a copy of the Koran that it dies, and if swallowed judge copy of the Koran it accepts bribes. The King saw the copy of the Koran that he wiped it out of his own, the judge Mahah it dies. Download and copy of the Koran or buys it works its provisions.
It felt that it reads the copy of the Koran to the Prophet peace be upon him, it keeps it. And eat it eat leaves Mus bribery. The Koran wisdom meted man.
and saw that it was written copy of the Koran in his hand, it combines religion and science, work and benefit the people.
and saw that it was torn copy of the Koran in his hand it is a man ungrateful, and saw that it was the latest in the Quran something hated like him in real life it shows the destruction of religion.
and saw his copy of the Koran received the authority and knowledge. The Koran wife or husband or a son. Although the seer patients acquitted of his illness, and perhaps triumphed over his enemies, though a sinner repents and perhaps inherited, although the seer on heresy and misguidance have Ondhirh God typing.
and possibly shown to see the Koran on the news exotic and stand on the wonders of things, and the receipt of good news, and longevity for those who browse.
and perhaps del Mus promoter, Riyadh, Jinan and places of worship, and to require obedience from king and the father and teacher and polite, sincere and righteous on the right, but felt that it eats leaves Mus Mus writes for payment. But felt that he sold the copy of the Koran, it should avoid immorality. The Koran and the Secretariat of the legacy alive and the power of old.
It felt that it bought the copy of the Koran benefited good and the back of his knowledge and capacity in people. And the burning of the Koran in the corruption of religion. But felt that the Koran taken from him, it tends his knowledge of it and cut off his work in the world.
is of the opinion that holds the copy of the Koran, it follows the mandate of the Secretariat or imitate, or be the holders of the Koran.
It felt that he wanted to eat it frequently leaves the Koran recitation of the Qur’an.[See Qur’an]. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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