quilt by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi quilt Is in a dream woman. and saw that it was taking to quilt at night or got married a woman Scona explicitly.The quilt comfort and strength. It was Quilt useful woman, and demonstrates the security and tranquility. [See pheasant.

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision Quilt

The quilt and it is interpreted and women buy buy construed under way.

It felt: that the edge of the stolen or burn it construed antagonism with his wife or her divorce or separated in any manner whatsoever.

It felt: that the edge of the clip or dirty it shows that his wife and scold his consent and has no fulfillment and love him.

It felt: that the black edge to it shows that his wife be a scientist, ascetic, and were not eligible for that they are too pre-occupied.

And the vision of the quilt if it is new clean construed in three ways: The wife of a scientist and ongoing Izz Al Bakr and prestige as much as the value of the quilt.

Almlhfah and vision that are placed on the man shows a woman beautiful and the red ones indicate the rivalry because of the good women and good and the ugly of them not good. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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