Qantara by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Qantara In a dream is a function of the suspicions, and perhaps shown to the world as stated in the hadeeth «lower arch Vaabrōha not Tamrha» . And possibly shown to relieve worries and Aloncad. Kantara and riding in a dream to ride an animal evidence.Kantara to indicate wealth and longevity or disease, or reverse the Covenant. The man reached Kantara by the people to their own affairs and needs, and may have been that man a king or a Sultan or of wise men. Kantara and unknown to the world show in particular that was between the city and the cemetery.
and possibly shown on the ship or on the right, though it was traveling the expiration of his journey. It became a bridge it receives authority and people need him and merit.
It felt it reflects on the bridge of wood, there are hypocrites, people who enter them.

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision Qantara

The Kantara they accrue good.

It felt that it is permissible to Kantara it shows for glory and prestige and money, and the elevation and the arrival of unintended by the Sultan. It was of the view that the Jazz on the bridge, it concludes that the hated among the people, such as stepper: So Jazz Kantara.

In all, the vision of Qantara devolve on four aspects: the courage and the Sultanate and the good and Murad.

Tube vision

And Tube shall devolve the slave woman, and was told of women.

And told that Abu Khaldeh he said, came when Muhammad bin Sirin and if a man accept said to him, I saw that I drink from a pipe which is double-headed drink from one water sweet and the other a bitter salty said to him, Ibn Sirin: You a woman and her sister, you use FTP and return to God Almighty. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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