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D is in a dream on unnecessary debt if the prison-Shara, though prison Sultan indicated worry and bile or vilified because of hypocrisy. The prison world unknown to D.. And imprisonment indicates the wife Almnakdh or silence, and the imprisonment of the tongue for humor, and perhaps indicated by the plot of the enemies and the charges, and on the grave and religion, and failure to travel due to illness, or lack of vigor, and demonstrates the poverty and discomfort, and go to jail D chives long The meeting Balahbh. The prison and the sadness they are. And I choose to be protected from the same prison guilt.
and saw that it was out of prison, escaped from the disease. And if the prisoner that the prison doors open survived. From prison, as well as if the skylight and saw the light inside of them, or saw that the roof has been removed. Health of the traveler and imprisonment and the death of the patient.
It felt that in the prison authority is documented Faisiba hated, or that in the cloud, please reappearance, and saw that it was out of him, it comes out of the mouth.Imprisonment, but was traveling his own negligence, although he was sick the length of his illness. And it was said of the view that in the prison That call is answered, and out of the doom and gloom assailing the story of Yusuf (AS).
and saw that it was in the prison of unknown and come out of it was his grave.
and saw that it was out of prison is unknown or of the house of a narrow to a wide space indicates that the comfort and Faraj.
is of the opinion that he documented in his home Faisiba good or he sees in his family.
and saw that it was imprisoned in the house does not know he married a woman the benefit of wealth and children.
and saw that it was documented, and it was in the intensity of it survives, which is afraid of.
It felt that it builds a prison imam, he will meet a man on the run by the people of that is due to the way the camp commendable. And imprisonment indicates death.
and perhaps indicated by the disease, an inhibitor of conduct and advancement, and perhaps indicated by the vanity, or to hell because they are imprisoned sinners and unbelievers but felt dead in prison and was an infidel it evidence of hell, though he is a Muslim he is a prisoner in hell, the sins of stayed on it. If you saw himself in prison and was traveling in a ship or the righteousness of it is hampered by rain or wind, or is an enemy of the Sultan, although not a traveler entered the place disobey God when Kadar disbelief and fads house or an adulteress or Alkhmarh. The warden in a dream is a digger graves.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Prison: (Cage) Imprisonment in a dream means benefits, money and comfort. It also could mean the reversal of one’s condition for the worst. Becoming a prisoner in a dream also could mean making unnecessary and wasted efforts to unveil a secret. In general, prison in a dream means difficulties and humiliation. If one sees a known personality or a government administrator imprisoned or jailed, it could mean the same. If one sees himself incarcerated in a large prison in a dream, it means that he will stand before a strong person who will delegate an important responsibility to him, and from which he will gain spiritual advancement.lfhe is incarcerated in an unknownjail which is built from plaster in a dream, then it represents his grave. If one sees himself locked and tied-up inside a house in a dream, it means a positive advancement in his life. If in such a place one sees himself being tortured in a dream, it means that his benefits and profits will be greater. If a woman sees herself imprisoned in a dream, it means that she will marry an important person or an older person. If in one’s dream the prison is administered by a religious authority, it means that one correctly prescribes to his religion. If it is a civil prison, then it means adver-sities, sufferings and distress caused by hypocrisy and by blaming others. An unknown prison in a dream means the world. A prison in a dream also represents an ill-natured wife, a difficult cause, silence, or controlling one’s tongue, the perfidy of one’s enemy, accusations, allegations, associating with rich people, one’s grave, suspension of travels because of an illness, losing one’s

drive, poverty, or unhappiness. Entering a prison in a dream also means longevity, or reuniting with one’s beloved. If one chooses to live in a sanctuary away from people in a dream, it means that he will be protected from sin. If a sick person leaves his prison cell in a dream, it means that he will recover from his illness. If a prisoner sees the gates of his jail open, or if there is a hole in the wall, or a ray of light, or if the ceiling of one’s prison disappears and he can see the skies and stars above him, or if he can see them through the walls of his cell in a dream, it means that he will escape from jail. A prison in a dream also represents the safe return of a traveller, or the death of a sick person. Ifone sees himself imprisoned and tide-up by someone in authority in a dream, it repre-sents adversities he wishes for them to be removed. Walking out of such an imprisonment in a dream means relieffrom such adversities Ifone is travelling, it means that he is a heedless, and if he is sick, it means that his sickness is a prolonged one. It is also said that imprisonment in a dream may mean that one’s prayers are answered and that his difficulties and distress will be removed. If one sees himself incarcerated in an unknown jail of an unknown location and whose dwellers have uncommon appearance in a dream, such a prison then represents his grave. If a sick person sees himself walking out of an unknown prison, or out of a tiny house into a large open space in a dream, it means that he will recover from his illness and fully enjoy his life. If one sees himself incarcerated in a prison he does not recognize in a dream, it means that he will marry a woman through whom he will prosper and have children. If one sees himself tied-up inside his own house in a dream, it means that he will profit and witness blessings that will show in his household members. If one who is experiencing difficulties in his life sees himself tied-up to a chair or to a wall in a dream, it means that his problems and fears will be dispelled. If one sees himselfbuilding a prison in a dream, it means that he will meet a righteous man, or an Imam who will guide him on the straight path. A prison in a dream also represents paralysis, arrogance, self-deception, or incarcerating troublesome people. If one sees a deceased person in jail in a dream, it means that he is in hell. If one sees himself imprisoned in a dream, it also means that he may enter a forbidden place, a house of a prostitution, or a tavern. (Also see Cage; Imam; Mental hospital)

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of prison

Of the opinion that he entered prison, he interpreted the tomb is unknown, although it was known g and harmful. It was the vision of the prison known to those who have known not to corrupt the religion and prestige and the benefit of, and was famous for corruption Vgm spin.

It felt: that in the prison Sultan documented it infects and is hated Nhu Ertjy reappearance in the cloud, though it is traveling his own negligence, although he was sick Vmrdah long, and left the blood came out of it all. It was of the opinion that in prison they call Almostagabh.

It felt: that in the prison and the unknown position of the whole, his family and saw the horror that he did not see out of him, that his grave.

It felt: it is documented in the house, it affects the good.

It felt: that in the prison house of a recipe does not know he married a woman and money and gain from it was born.

If she saw a woman in prison, they marry a man a large amount, though they were married, they are protected and must free them from getting good.

It felt: that disabled people in place can not get out of it so that it is commendable capacity and spend a blessing, especially if the students of science.

It felt: that he came out of detention, it comes out than what they hate in order of religion and the world to goodness and goodness is not good for the princes.

It felt: that he come out of prison is unknown or a matter of Mahmoud is very tight in all conditions and actions.

It felt: that he came out of prison and wanted to return it, it may be kept away from that is hated, though the devil may Seoul has improved the income of which he returned to what it was from all evils. It was the vision of imprisonment if he is known for Murad and welcome to the end of the verse, “said Lord, prison is dearer to me than call me to him.” If the unknown is the grave they are distressed to say peace be upon him: Tomb of the prison house of the living and the scourge and the experience of friends and enemies gloating.

It felt: that he escaped from prison in two ways: either his salvation or his death, when he saw some of that and try it again.

It felt: that he entered prison and then it came out sooner obtain what he wishes statement in full. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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