pride by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi pride

In a dream is the evidence of the money and the extension of a living, and hand and tongue. Indicate endorsement oneself to acquiring a sin. And if he sees a young man unknown to him his enemy pay zakaah Rescue. The old man saw an unknown male pay zakaah it affects pretty well. The Sheikh, young and unknown emitted won the presidency and attributed.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Pride: (Conceit; Vainglory; Vanity) In a dream, pride or vainglory signifies oppression and injustice. Every conceited person in a dream is an unjust person in reality.lfone sees a deceased person showing pride in a dream, it means that he is one at whom God Almighty does not look on the Day of Judgment, and particularly if he looks different in the dream. If one is proud of himself, his wealth, or power in a dream, it means that he oppresses others. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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