pray by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi pray

Is in a dream awake in worship or prayer. And pray to reach the destination indicated on the child and, if the prayer strongly dominant and it screams, shows calamity or tribulation.
and perhaps Del supplication to the lack of rain if it is noise. The Del prayer to prayer, and was known to pray, because prayer is obligatory. The prayer was lightly kicking it a boy blessed. Even saw some people gathered on the prayer meeting the children of it, and development in the graces and blessing, glory, demise and misery. But felt that Ajtenba prayer, then it is haraam.
and saw that it was God calling or called him and hit a good HB. And pray indicates the need to spend. It was said that indicates the answer is no, especially if the house of God Almighty Kalmsadjad. The Lord saw that it was called in the darkness it escapes from the cloud. And if he sees it. It calls for a man crying out to him for fear. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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