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The back shows what appears to be things such as clothes. And back D to apparent or home country or doctrine. Which case the back fear or grief. But felt that his back McCoy indicated that the fire of his son and his hold on the right of God. And the back of his master owned, the thought hit him that his back curved placeholders.
saw the back of his friend, the friend pays for his face, and saw the back of his evil enemy, it is safe. The afternoon saw his wife and the woman is old, the minimum pay for, though it required a half may be obstructed him, but she was young, it slows it down waiting for good. And the back shows the aging.
It felt in the back curvature of the pain and it lacks Ages. And back ache indicates the death of the brother. And back a man to turn to in his affairs, a man of status and money. It was epithelium or the back of the quilt or purity of the dress.
It felt that it carries a heavy burden on his back it is a great religion. It was said that heavy load being bad.
It felt his back was broken and his strength is to go Aqtdarh or mortality, pregnancy heavy on the back or are sins. If he sees that it holds the wood it carries backbiting and gossip.
It felt his back was broken and he died sick. And it was said heavy load on the back of the large number of the family and lack of money.
It felt Hunchback of people is indicated by an increase to his wealth or longevity. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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