planting by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi planting

Of the saw in a dream that he planted the seed with his wife. And the burning of crops hunger and drought.
It felt that he seeks in farm green it seeks in the work of righteousness and asceticism, which he did not kiss him or not.
and saw that it was planted in the land is for the married child, and the celibate marriage, but the yield increase in income, and the Sultan capacity in his kingdom. D. Green and transplantation on the long life. And transplantation dry D near-term. And the laying of land takes the righteousness of charity or double pay.
and perhaps Del Hyacinth on the intensity of the wheat spike, as indicated by the double pay. Barley and good sense. And planting evidence to work. It is considered that in the land suitable for planting, it works in accordance with requests by tomorrow all good. It is planted in place of planting, it is adultery. Saw the implant harvested at the wrong time, it indicates the death in that camp or on the war. Walked between the implant and walked between the ranks of the Mujahideen.
It felt that his seed is known, that in his religion or his worldly affairs. And the farm shows a woman I plow and sow and carry and give birth and nurse to the time of harvest and dispense with the plant from the ground Vsnellha her son or her money.
and perhaps indicates the farm on the market, Snellha livelihoods, and show the farm on the field of war, and Snellha their host, and harvested by the sword.
and possibly shown to the world, and Snellha group people, young and old, and their sheikh and Khlhm.
and perhaps indicates a farmer’s plow it everywhere for the Hereafter, and employs reward such as mosques and Hasps and zikr.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Planting: Seeing an arable land or planting it in a dream means finding work, or doing someone a favor with ulterior motives, or performing a duty from which one hopes to receive benefits at a later time. Planting in a dream also means that one’s wife will become pregnant. If one sees himself planting in other than a fertile ground in a dream, it means that he engages in sodomy. (Also see Crop; Seeds) Dream Interpretation in Islam

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