Pearl by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Pearl

If the pearl is Mnzawma in a dream or the Qur’an and science was born. It is felt that pierces the pearls it explains the Koran.
and saw that it was swallowed pearls sold or forget the Qur’an. Science and pearls.
and saw that it was selling pearls note it alive and grow up in a lot of people. Enter it in his mouth pearls it is good religion. But felt that he scatters pearls from his mouth, and people take them judge it preached, and people benefit from it.
and saw that it was borrowed pearls born it does not remain. And pearl lots served and the legacy of many, a world of science and the governor of the state and for the merchant trade. Kamal, pearls and all its beauty.
It is believed that chewing pearls backbite about people, it hypocrisy, the Takioh and chew and swallow it Liquide people and Igtabhm. The peel pearl and threw it, it grave digger. The open closet and pulled out of pearls and jewels, it asks for a world issue.
It felt pleased pearl hair. The money and the vicinity of Pearl and the words of Hassan. And the contract of pearls a marriage contract, or contract of money, or stamped from the Koran and saw that it was aimed at the Pearl in the bathroom it reads the Koran Qguara on the road. And it was said of the view that it swallows the pearls of wisdom and knowledge saves.
and saw that it was intended for pearls in the dustbin or position Esicna that it puts the science is in its people. And a large pearl is better than small.
and perhaps Del great on the wall long from the Koran. The pearl is perforated shows slain virgins, and pearls do not have holes in urgent livelihood fatigue in it.
and possibly shown to tears to see the current of the eye because they looked like tears pearls. [See coincidence.

Interpretation of Al zahri

Pearl Vision

The Pearl Fidel born boy or ongoing.

Ibn Sirin said: Pearl ongoing beautiful woman or beautiful, it is felt that a lot of pearls it frequently construed money and grace. It was the vision of pearls scattered interpret the Koran, and if it is construed Mnzawma science and wisdom .

It felt: it eats pearls, it gives uniformity and words of wisdom or forget the Qur’an.

It felt: it aims at the Pearl in the fire it is construed that teaches a science and wisdom and is not qualified to do so.

It felt: that he had found the pearl it is alive and well for the boy says, “as if they were guarded pearls.”

It felt: it is a great pearls get a lot of money and sell it construed the accession of science, though not of his family’s access construed goodness.

It felt: he threw his leg under the Pearl it shows him to marry his daughter to sex is the Pearl broke it interpreted his son’s doom band or get between them.

It felt: it hit the pearl of whether the township or other shall be deemed that if they accrue Mbkhoshh Balbnt, though not the Son shall devolve Mbkhoshh.

It felt: it hit the pearls Mnzawma interpreted it to read the Quran or teaching, as well as science.

But felt it hit the pearls scattered it affects children or servants to the verse, “round about them boys of everlasting youth.” Though it is construed Pearl Mknon women or women with good-neighborly and beauty of the verse, “and Hur eye Like unto preserved pearls.” The pearl was great it shows for livelihood for the verse, “comes out of them pearls and coral.” And the vision of pearls if it is construed packed loads saddened .

It felt: that it swallows the pearls of wisdom and knowledge to preserve it.

It felt: that the pearl out of it the word of righteousness and pious.

It felt: pearls scattered on a garbage dump or in a place that does not require it mocks science.

It felt: it hit the pearls Vokdh fire place wood it is construed as a man and urging him to order it from the words of righteousness.

It felt: that the pearl in his hand, his wife was pregnant with the daughter came to him.

And told that a man came to Ibn Sirin said: I’ve seen are of the view sleeping two men enter in whatever pearls come out, one smaller than enter it and come out the other than enter it, he said Those who saw him come out small, you’ve seen me, I later what I heard, But the one I saw him come out great I saw two men liars occur more than what they heard and pearls Almnzawm in the interpretation of evidence on the Quran and science, it felt like punching and kicking it pearl note Vev_eh much for the people and the introduction of pearl in the mouth indicates good religion .

It felt: as if he aims for pearls in the river or faking it well known to the people.

In all, the vision of the Pearl construed eight aspects: science and the Qur’an and the wisdom and sophistication and old money and a beautiful woman and was born and friend of Najib. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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