Peacock by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Peacock

Is in a dream were foreign woman, the beautiful and rich, ominous. The male peacock king of the foreigner.
is of the opinion that struck his peacock or it could outlandish king.
It felt that Astmcn of female peacock, it receives money and a son. The peacock shows the wilderness and wonder Belhassen and beauty, and perhaps showed his vision on the gossip, arrogance, lying, and the demise of the graces and out of the bliss to misery, and capacity to narrow.
It felt that eat the flesh of a peacock is his wife die and inherit her money.
and saw that it was hit from feathers peacock, it affects the money from a woman or because of a woman.
and saw that it was struck from the chicks, it affects the money from those born of women.

meanings by Al ahsaai

See Peacock

It felt that it Istmcn Tauosa King Sultan of outlandish, or affects the money and is of the opinion that Hacma king female peafowl, it has the same beautiful woman were foreign capital is of the opinion that eat the flesh of the peacock with his wife die and inherit her money and was told affects the money from those born of women

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision Peacock

The peacock, Ibn Sirin said: above him king of outlandish, it is believed that the male has Tauosa it shows his status of a foreigner with a king suite and served him a woman and a female were foreign money and her suite and served marry her and get him to do boys.

It felt: Tauosa dove close together and it shows that combining men and women, corruption, and was told a female peacock evil woman.

It felt: that eat the flesh of female peacock it shows a woman to get money from the evil as far as eating of meat.

It felt: that Tauosa spoke with him for it testifies to the mandate of the great wonders of it until the people.

It felt: Tauosa riders at home and it shows a corruption of his family.

It felt: Tauosa female flew from his home he called his wife or die.

It felt: he slaughtered it Tauosa ongoing marry a virgin or he gains on his enemy.

It felt: that Tauosa male flew from his hand it die serving the king. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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