Peach by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Peach

If the peaches in a dream, it is sweet to eat it won the desires of what we wish. But for those who fear it is sour to eat. Peach tree and a rich man brave constant danger when the ordeal, brings a lot of money in his youth, and die in his youth. The peach is too early in a severe illness.
and saw that it was picked from a tree Jukha it receives money from a man. And peach and all his fellows except berries if a person sees something which in his time on the DL and the thrill of deception. But at the wrong time, they show fatigue and void. And peach in a dream re-entry of promises of what he has done good, and warns of the return of the evil of the past, a brother and his beautiful Jalil. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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