palm of the hand

palm of the hand

palm of the hand by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi palm of the hand

Is the strength of a man in a dream, and energizes energizes stop this world, and Anfdadh adjournment of worldly affairs. But felt that the hair grew in his hand he fall ill, and the religion of g. And it was said Linbo is money for his hand. And that grew hair on the back of the hand or a strong case went his money.
It felt his hand pending and is connected to the Sultan hit the benefit and good, but many fishermen catch, although the landlord received the benefit.
and saw that it was a small stop, it becomes weak, a coward in himself. Stop and stop things.
It felt afraid of a CVA is Ankv him.
It felt his hand was ample evidence of the well capacity and generosity of his living, and saw him under arrest is indicated by Bkhalh and the lack of the finest. And stop if Hassan was a sign to stop. Of evil and sin in God or stop charity.
Del good and perhaps stop the acceptance of supplication. Comfort and to stop the rest from fatigue or find a comfort to others. It was stop seeing shows six aspects to live, money, and the presidency and the boy, courage, and distance from the Haram.[See the hand]. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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